Commissions are currently open

Payment Policy

Commission requests are required to be paid IN FULL at the time of ordering.  This is to ensure that you get your piece quickly, and also to protect our artist. 

Pricing Policy

If you order a commissioned piece from me, you aren't just paying for a mass produced print, you are getting a handcrafted art piece with individually placed beads (sometimes thousands of them).  Creating these pieces takes time, and we charge for that time accordingly.

*We charge $0.02 per bead or $5 per 29*29 peg board (whichever option is cheaper).  This charge takes into account the time to place beads, as well as design time and the cost of the beads themselves.

*Canvas, Framing, Magnets, Keychains and other additions to your custom art will be charged at retail rates, or if you are local, you are welcome to provide the materials at your cost, and we can arrange for store pickup at my local Michaels if you want to order canvas etc online.

*If you would like your canvas painted, I charge an additional $7 per hour for solid colour painting and materials with a minimum charge of two hours.  I charge $10 per hour for multiple colours or design paintings with a minimum charge of three hours. You may choose your background colours, but please leave it up to the artist how best to create your background.  For most bead art pieces, we do recommend a solid colour so as not to detract from the art itself, however, we do also create minimalist background scenes (bubbles, lightning etc) if requested.  As this is an hourly charge, you will be provided with an invoice when your project is finished and payment for painting is due before the finalized piece is shipped.

*Shipping costs are the responsibility of the person commissioning the piece and will be charged at Canada Post rates.  A quote will be provided at the time of the commission and is to be paid at the time of ordering.

Hold Policy

If you see an already created art piece that you want on our Facebook page or Ready To Love category, but can't quite afford to pay in full, fret not!  Purrfect Pixels offers up to a two week hold on most items with a 50% deposit.  This Hold Policy is a goodwill gesture and can be revoked at any time if it is abused or we receive too many no shows or cancellations of held items.  Items are not considered "On Hold" until the deposit is paid and may be sold to another customer.

Final Sale

Custom orders are not returnable, exchangeable or refundable once they have been fused as they have been created just for you. 

    Repairs: We strive to provide the very best in smooth fuses, however, the occasional bead escapes even our trained eye and can come loose or edges can break off if handled too much.  If that is the case, please contact us for support, and we can offer a detailed walk through on how to fix your piece.  If you are a local client, please contact us and we will arrange to pick up the item to fix it for you.  Please note there is a handling time of 2-5 business days for repairing pieces.

    Convention/Expo Purchases: Changed your mind on an item you picked up at a show or convention?  You have until the last minute of the last day of that same show to return it to me in the same condition purchased (not bent, snapped, broken or crushed, for an exchange for another piece of the same value.  We do not offer refunds on purchased art, only exchanges.

    Cancellations: Any cancellations of commissioned artwork after ordering (before fusing)  will result in a non-refundable materials charge valued at 30% of the cost of the commission.  This is to cover any materials needed to create your project, and to cover the artist's time to create the pattern, dismantle any finished portion and re-sort the used beads.

Timeline Policy

Custom order timelines will depend on a number of factors including: availability of materials, the amount of time it takes to have a design approved, the number of current commissions I am working on, complexity of design, and of course, size of design.  Most commissions are completed within two weeks of beginning, however, larger or more elaborate pieces will take more time.  

During the holiday season (November to December), we strongly suggest placing your commission order as early as possible if you would like your item as a gift.  Late commissions may not be ready in time to put under the tree, and we would hate for your loved ones to be disappointed!  We strongly recommend ordering Christmas gifts no later than November 1st!

and finally...

Twitch Live-Streaming

Depending on the source material of your art piece, we may live stream the creation process on our Twitch Channel - if you prefer NOT to have your custom piece created live, just let us know, we don't want to spoil any secrets!

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